They stole my money

Hey Bougie Babes!!!!

Have you ever said this after purchasing hair from a new vendor? Well, if you haven't I definitely have and recently. I am ALWAYS in search of the BEST sourced hair and bundles for my #BougieBabes and I always want to make sure the hair is good quality before I share it with all of you. Well, not too long ago before I decided to start my own drop ship program I met a very sweet young lady and decided I would try her hair.

Well, it wasn't long before I noticed that the hair I had paid over $200+ dollars for( supposedly my DISCOUNTED RATE) was poor quality and shed like no other hair I have ever had in my entire life.

Well, I am sure you can guess what the next few words were that came out of my mouth were? Well, to add insult to injury and make matters worse when I received the hair I noticed her drop shipper ACCIDENTALLY sent the hair with THEIR NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION on the packaging


Once I discovered the hair she sold me came from ALI EXPRESS, I WAS IMMEDIATELY TURNED OFF!!! Not only did it come from Ali, because the company exposed themselves to me, but the hair was HORRIBLE!! SO, you KNOW WHAT I SAID? "THEY STOLE MY MONEY"!

This is a feeling I don't ever want my Bougie Babes to experience. I always want you to be happy with your purchases and the programs that we have to offer. I am proud to say that our drop shipping program is catered to helping YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS!! We want to see YOU SUCCEED!! You won't ever have to worry about us ACCIDENTALLY revealing our information to your customers. Your TRUST and BUSINESS is IMPORTANT

to us so, NO WORRIES! You won't ever have to say "they stole my money" .

Thank you for reading and we look forward to serving you soon!

- Bougie Girl Hair Boutique #Bougiebabes

Bougie Girl Hair Boutique

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